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Pebble Harp w/ Tray

Pebble Harp w/ Tray
Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages
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This beautiful Pebble Harp is our favorite outdoor (and indoor!) instrument. It is a one-of-a-kind, outdoor musical play element that creates never-ending entertainment with beautiful, random, musical tones from pebbles cascading over tiny metal "strings."

Very soothing, pleasing, tinkling, musical sounds are an excellent complement to the music of the wind, birds, rain, and other, gentle sounds of nature. Children will hear different sounds every time, as the pebbles vary in size and find different paths to the bottom and back out onto the ground.

Excellent for children who perseverate, or who like repetitive tasks, or who have ADHD, but every child will absolutely love playing with this instrument.

Great for a sound garden, or to place in the woods for kids to "find."

Readily available peastone is used to "pluck" the strings, although recently one of our customers placed the Pebble Harp in their lobby and invited people to feed coins into the slots -- as a way of raising money for their center!

This version of the Pebble Harp is made without a roof but with a cedar-edged collecting tray underneath so the pebbles (or coins!) stay close to the Harp. The tray is not recommended for outdoor use. Our Standard Pebble Harp has a longer post to be imbedded in the ground then surrounded by a bed of pebbles.

Indoors with tray or out in a bed of pebbles, this is a must-have musical element!

Made of Cedar, this beautifully designed Pebble Harp sounding box measures 24"x24"x24."

Comes with installation instructions.

Click or scan the QR code to view a YouTube video of the pebble harp in action.

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