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All the play and learning elements in our store are homemade -- right here in our manufacturing shop in Boscawen, New Hampshire, in the good old US of A (well, except for the mirror ball)!

Nothing is imported from overseas, so not only is our carbon footprint extremely low, but we are also able to meet our sustainability guidelines.

All of our log products are made from hardwood trees harvested from sustainable forests in New Hampshire, all of our lumber is purchased locally, all of our metal products come from local suppliers, and we work hard to eliminate waste.

What waste we do produce, we recycle if possible.

This homemade policy essentially means that everything is custom made, and therefore subject to slight variations according to the craftsman.

So if things that are handcrafted by people in the US using local products are important to you, or mean something special to your philosophy, we welcome you as customers! (Of course, we welcome you anyway!)

Hand making play and learning elements also means that we can design and manufacture anything you can dream up. As matter of fact, that’s exactly how we started our line of challenge/mud run/physical fitness products: someone asked whether we could make challenge elements for a mud run they were organizing, and we said yes!

Give us a challenge; we’d love to work with you.

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