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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Natural Playgrounds Company is to expose children to trees, hills, grasses, streams, sand, dirt, vegetation, rocks, boulders, and other natural features that encourage safe risk-taking in natural play and learning environments designed to look like they’ve been there forever.

To do this, the Natural Playgrounds Company encourages and provides innovative, equipment-free, sustainable, affordable, natural playgrounds, natural playground elements, and outdoor classrooms to K-12 schools, Montessori schools, Head Start programs, childcare centers, and communities.

Natural Playgrounds Company play and learning environments meet all safety and licensing standards, are developmentally appropriate, cognitively challenging, physically demanding, and fully curriculum integrated, are accessible, and are designed and built to reduce anxiety, create delightful interchanges, form lasting memories, enhance critical thinking skills, and improve overall well-being of children and adults alike.

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