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Terms, Conditions and Other Notes

All of the items sold in our store meet all ASTM and CPSC safety standards where applicable. Where items are not covered by these standards (such as boulders), we assess the potential risks and suggest ways to avoid possible problems.

However, please keep in mind that Natural Playgrounds are just that: Natural. They are designed to engage children in the beauty, wonder, and challenges found in the out-of-doors where there is always some low level of risk, because, after all, your children need the same challenges you had when you were young and learned to manage those very same risks.

Orders placed after 12:01 PM will be processed the following day(s). We try fulfilling orders within 8 weeks, usually less, but it depends on the season. We are a small shop, and everything is hand-crafted, so it does take some time, but we try our best to stick to the schedule.

Product images may not be exact representations of actual products listed in the store. The natural materials and hand-made products can vary in design, color, look, and feel.

Sectional slides carry a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects from the slide manufacturer, which warranty is contingent upon following the exact installation instructions provided by this company. Should any warranty issue arise, Natural Playgrounds Company will work with both the customer and the manufacturer toward a timely solution.

Please note about sectional slides: As we have no control over how slides are installed, we cannot be held responsible for issues arising from the installation (bumpy slides, joint separation, distortion, etc.)

All other products carry a one-year warranty from manufacturing defect (except for items made with tree parts, such as stepping stumps, balance logs, tree cookies, etc.), in which case the warrantee is limited to workmanship only.

NOTE To save on shipping, We disassemble as many of the products as possible. However, if you want to pay extra so your items require less assembly, we can pre-assemble most items, or for others that would be too large to ship as a whole, we can pre-assemble as many of the parts as possible. Just keep in mind that the larger the pieces, the more it costs for shipping.

Many of our products are made from natural wood materials, so natural weathering is a natural part of their aging process, even when we use kid-friendly pressure-treated wood. If these wooden play elements are not treated on a regular basis, splits, cracks, and warping will be exacerbated, and after a while may make the play element unsafe.

Regular treatment of wood products means at least twice per year they must be sprayed/brushed with a kid-friendly wood preservative (available in our store).

All cancellations prior to shipment can incur small restocking fees of 5 to 10% of the order not including shipping. Timing is everything so if you want to cancel please let us know as far in advance as possible.

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