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Limited Warranty

Products manufactured or fabricated by the Natural Playgrounds Company (NPC) (not including items made by mother nature) have a limited one year warranty on materials and workmanship, provided, however, that

1. the products were properly installed by following all instructions and guidelines provided with the product;

2. normal and responsible care was administered (which includes treatment with a kid friendly preservative, at least once a year, twice a year in dry climates); and

3. use by the customer was as intended by the nature and design of the product.

Please Note: Because of the aging process of natural materials, which includes normal drying, cracking, bark falling off, and so on, the warranty on tree cookies, stepping stumps, sitting stumps, saplings, balance logs, fallen trees, hollow logs, and other items using materials made by mother nature, is limited to 30 days, and is limited to workmanship ONLY. Natural aging in no way affects anyone's ability to use these products as intended.

Another sign of wood drying out is shrinkage which may cause boards to separate from one another (sometimes happens with climbing walls, tables, benches, decks, etc.), but this also will not affect the structural integrity, or the intended use of the product.

(If you don’t like the way a natural tree product looks after it dries out, you can always fill in the cracks with wood epoxy/putty, or small pieces of wood glued in place, and then sanded smooth after it dries. If you think that kids handling the wood might get a sliver, just sand the edges of the cracks with 60+/- grit sandpaper you can easily get from the hardware store, and that will eliminate the problem.)

The Natural Playgrounds Company offers no warranty or guarantee that has anything to do with wood drying out. If you have a question about your product, please feel free to send pictures for an evaluation.

No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied when products require installation because we won’t know whether it was installed correctly.

If damage is incurred during shipping, the shipment MUST BE REFUSED by the customer, and a claim must be filed. And PLEASE take photos of the damage.

In those instances, IF THE CLAIM is accepted and paid by the shipper, NPC will replace the damaged product(s) in a timely manner.

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