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Tree Decks

Tree Decks
Prices below
Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages
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We have built these Tree Decks around trees on several playgrounds. This main photo shows one around a new tree (the dark green canopy) that will grow out to make a large shade leafy “roof” over the deck.

The neat thing about them, is that they put children essentially "in the tree” so they get to see the tree canopy up close, and to see the different insects that live in the bark above the ground, and the birds that fly into and nest in the canopy.

If your tree is large, and has a large canopy, the deck is at a perfect level to provide great shade for a class on the deck, or for drawing, or for just reading.

A great side benefit is that under the deck is a great place for a few of our sitting stumps or boulders, because it will always be cooler, and a great place to relax out of the sun!

Tree Decks make for fabulous meeting places, as a top anchor point for one of our slides, or for our shinny logs or log steppers (which all require fall zones). You can also attach a net climber to one side, or a climbing wall, or a notched log ladder.... The deck rail acts as a "sit down bar” for any of these climbing opportunities.

This main picture shows a climbing net, a ladder, and shinny log, and a notched log , all attached to the deck for a number of different climbing opportunities and challenges. These are not included in the base price. (see in other parts of the store)

Deck comes as a kit, but as sizes, heights, and tree diameters can vary so much, please call for a quote.

Base prices are for a 6’ high tree deck, treated decking, and no accessories.

We have designed our Octagon tree decks to sit on a square support frame supported by 4-6x6 treated posts.

Because of varying soil conditions a foundation plan calling for 12” diameter 48” deep poured piers is our standard. Please consult local building codes for the required depth of piers for your local requirements.

NOTE That , as with all wood products, some shrinkage (which will cause boards to separate from one another), checking, and cracking may appear as the wood dries out. This will not affect the structural integrity of the product, but does provide an excellent learning opportunity for the children. You can help them understand what happens to wood after it is no longer being fed by the tree that grew it.

You are encouraged to sand any rough spots whenever they appear, and retreat them with child friendly preservative (sold in our store) at least once a year.

If you wish to rest your deck on the ground around a tree, just let us know!
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