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Embankment Slide w/ sit down bar

Embankment Slide w/ sit down bar
Prices below
Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: non-toxic
Age Appropriateness: all ages
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For a free, discounted shipping quote, please call our toll-free number 888-290-8405

A manual quote is required for shipping slides from the manufacturer. Typically such a quote takes no more than 1 business day, but it may take slightly longer depending on how busy they are. Please bear with us while we calculate accurate shipping costs. As soon as we receive the shipping cost, we'll add it to your estimate and e-mail it to you. When you've authorized payment, we'll process the order.

Embankment Slides offer constant thrills of movement and speed, and are a must-have on all playgrounds for several reasons!

First, Embankment Slides are built into the ground so it’s impossible to fall off a ladder (there is none!) or off the sides (the slide is level with the ground), which means Embankment Slides are 100% safe!

Further, slides encourage scientific curiosity: climbing the hill builds up a reservoir of potential energy resulting from gravity’s pull, sliding down the hill turns that supply of energy into its kinetic form -- and demonstrates acceleration and velocity. Slides trigger both proprioceptive and kinesthetic responses; they help illustrate several branches of mathematics (geometry, calculus, and trigonometry); they help children stay active, get physically fit, and develop motor skills and coordination; and they are the most popular play element on a Natural Playground.

Our slides are made of heavyweight, commercial-grade, 3/8" +/- thick polyethylene that resists fading (so they last forever), they will not buckle in the heat or with use, seams will never separate to cause safety hazards, they’re treated to resist static build-up so cochlear implants will not be affected, AND the built-in foot under the exit region not only provides the necessary anchoring, but also keeps the exit region at the ASTM/CPSC required height off the fall zone material!

Also, exclusive to our long slides (more than 12’ deck height) is a spring system that allows for expansion and contraction in the heat and cold. We recommend this as a precaution against buckling the slide.

Slides may be made of any length. Shown in the picture is a 35 foot embankment slide, but the low price shown is for our smallest slide that fits on a 3 foot high hill. (NOTE: If you are installing a slide exceeding an 8 foot deck height, we may recommend expansion springs be installed to take care of any expansion due to heat.)

Slides are usually straight, but left or right curves or waves can be included in longer slides to add thrills or slow speed if desired. We suggest the neutral gray color to better fit with a natural playground theme. Dye lots may cause slight color variations on longer slides.

Installation instructions that meet all CPSC and ASTM safety guidelines, all slide hardware, CPSC® approved sit-down bar, and CPSC® approved foot are included.

If the hill is at the correct slope (30-35 degrees), estimated install time for a slide is usually a day or less using two people.

Should you encounter a unique installation situation, our staff is available by phone to walk you through your installation - or our crew can be contracted to install the slide for you.


NOTE ON SIZING: In the industry, the height of the hill is referred to as the "deck" height. (eg: A hill with a 5’ vertical height would require a 5’ deck height slide).

NOTE ABOUT DELIVERY: Because slides are “made to order,” we are always at the mercy of the factory. Usually, delivery is from the factory and arrives on your site between 4 and 6 weeks after the order has been placed. We ask you to be patient and to plan accordingly. :)

CAUTION: Home Depot, Lowes, Child Works, Kompan, and other inexpensive "backyard slides" or "residential slides do not stand up under constant use. Seams separate, the plastic buckles in the heat, they are not treated against static discharge, they can’t handle lots of weight, and the screws/bolts pull through in one season and become a strangling hazard.

CONSIDER: There are hundreds of slides available from the marketplace, and the quality varies all over the place, so price should not be your only consideration. If you are using these slides in any kind of public situation, you should definitely buy a heavy-duty commercial slide. Ours are 1/4" thick, heavy-duty, commercial grade, polycarbonate. Further, the joints are tight, and the material is thick at the joints so the bolts will not pull through, thus eliminating the possibility of cracks between the seams and possible strangling hazards.

Because a sit down bar is REQUIRED by the Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) at the top of all slides, regardless of where you purchase your slide, you will need to somehow fashion a sit-down bar at the top of the run. Our slides COME WITH a sit-down bar (a value well over $200), full installation instructions (which you won’t find elsewhere), and all hardware!

Final note: because slide installation requires expertise, and we can never be certain whether installers (volunteer or otherwise) have that expertise, NPCC cannot warrantee the slide unless it’s installed by our company. Should you have issues with the slide itself, take good pictures of the problem, and we will send them to the slide manufacturer for them to determine whether the issue stems from the manufacturing process or from installation. In the 13 years we have been selling these well-made, commercial slides, we have never had a manufacturing problem reported.

Now we know we said that last paragraph was a “final note,” but we need to add one additional comment. Playground Safety Regulations are very emphatic about what is safe and acceptable, and what isn’t, and figuring out what the regulations mean and how they apply to slides IS NOT SIMPLE. We’ve been installing slides for a VERY long time, and we’re still making modifications as we find different interpretations of the guidelines. What is frightening, is that contractors think that installing a slide is no big deal. What could possibly be so difficult? Well -- take a GOOD look at the photo with the big red “X” through it. There are SO many safety violations with this contractor’s installation that they can’t be corrected. This slide has to be labeled “UNSAFE!”

If you want it done right, let us install it!