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Tree Cookies

Tree Cookies
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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages
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Tree Cookies, sometimes referred to as tree disks, are a fun, natural element for both imaginative free play and for learning. They can be stacked, used for creating paths or patios, rolled, or used as loose parts.

Our Tree Cookies are slices of REAL northern hardwood trees cut from a sustainable forest in New Hampshire. The tree cookies clearly show varying sized growth rings (a history of weather and soil conditions), the formation of branches, bark layers, and other features related to the composition of one of nature's most beautiful creations.

Tree Cookies are around 12-16" diameter and 2 1/2-3" thick. Further, the tree cookies are as close to round as can be, not oddly shaped like a lot of tree cookies.

As the tree cookies age, moisture will evaporate and they'll become lighter in weight, bark will fall off, and stress cracks and fissures will appear, but this is normal and creates wonderful opportunities for children to learn about the natural properties of trees/wood!

Even if your Tree Cookies happen to break into pieces (all tree cookies, no matter where you buy them, are prone to this possibility) children will have a blast carrying around the pieces, trying to make them fit together like a puzzle, and so on, so just watch, and don’t get upset that the tree cookies did what they naturally are prone to do!

We do not treat Tree Cookies with any kind of preservative which makes them very safe and which teaches children about the natural aging process. Further, we would rather children smelled the natural wood then some unnatural oil or mineral-based preservative which won't be all that effective over the long run anyway.

These come as a set of 4, are safe for handling by children, and can be used inside or out. They are ready to use out of the box, and do not need installation.

A note about finishing: Tree cookies are cut with a chainsaw. We lightly sand one side to remove any burs and to allow children to see the growth rings more clearly, but other than removing burs on the other side, we leave the chainsaw marks to encourage discussion about the timber industry, what loggers do, how forests are managed, and so on.

When comparing tree cookies from other vendors, compare sizes and roundness! If you want to make a tree cookie patio or path (We offer a bulk discount), you'll need cookies that are fairly uniform in shape. Otherwise, you'll waste a lot of time trying to make the project look nice and even. For quantity purchases, please call us toll free 888-290-8405, and we'll work out a quantity price!

Educational Note: These real tree slices present fantastic learning opportunities for your children. For instance, there is no way to prevent real tree slices from cracking or showing other signs of drying stresses. Research concludes that the pattern of cracks such as V-cracks or heart checks depends on the distribution of moisture throughout the tree rings. Also, the difference between the moisture in the heartwood (the center of the tree that no longer carried sap when the tree was alive) and the moisture in the sap wood (which carried the sap), will also affect the size and shape of the cracks.

Even with the eventual cracks and other natural distresses that appear, these cookies are beautiful play items that will continue to provide your children with hours and hours of fun play opportunities. If they do break they can be used as natural puzzles.

Because of these natural occurrences, we can only offer a 30 day warranty on materials.

NOTE: use our BULK DISCOUNT pricing if you’re making a large patio (see images below), or have other reasons for needing a large quantity of Tree Cookies.

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