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Water wheel (portable)

Water wheel (portable)
Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: preschool
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Water wheels are very simple machines dating back to the fourth century BC when Egyptian engineers invented this paddle device for producing power and lifting water for irrigation.

You can bring this ancient technological machine to your playground with this simple, elegantly designed, indestructible water wheel!

Water wheels typically relied on flowing water hitting the paddles which turned the wheel which would then lift the water to another level or turn mechanical mechanisms attached to the water wheel’s shaft that would then drive machinery.

On your playground, set this water wheel under one of our sluiceways so that water coming off the sluice will turn the wheel, or you can leave it freestanding and have the children dump pails of water onto the wheel to spin it in either direction.

You can also turned the wheel by directing a stream of water from a hose, or by putting it under a hand pump (available in this store).

They can also spin the wheel with sand, so this very elemental and affordable machine offers many learning opportunities for children of almost any age.

Playing with the water wheel helps children develop hand-eye coordination, and understand cause and effect while offering endless hours of entertainment, so it really is a must have on your playground.

This very solid, inexpensive, playground element is handmade with dado joints (see the close-up photo), and a very simple, smooth, easy turning shaft.

Made with kid friendly treated lumber, this water wheel is 14 inches tall and sits on a base 11” x 16”.