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Garden Watch Towers

Garden Watch Towers
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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages
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Children absolutely LOVE heights, so it is no wonder they find this Watch Tower so attractive.

Watch Towers were commonly constructed near Native American gardens so that members of the tribe could watch for crows, deer, and other unwanted critters trying to take their crops, so when we designed and built a Natural Playground oriented around the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate in South Dakota, where everything in the play area was completely, authentically, Native American, we constructed a Watch Tower -- and the kids loved it!

You’ll need a way to access the Garden Watch Tower! Access can be provided by our Notched Log (shown here, but not included), our Hang Log or climbing wall (see both under Upper Body category), or by a cargo net, a ladder, and so on. As with any raised play element, the Tower needs a fall zone 6’ out from its perimeter all around it. If you add play elements that stick out, the fall zone has to extend 6’ from all sides of those elements, as well.

The railing is 38” high, and the balusters are made with treated pine balusters.

This Watch Tower, with its 6’ x 6’ deck, is a very versatile play element that can be used as a tree house, can be built into the side of a hill to provide a deck (no fall zone needed on that side), or can be used as an overlook if you have a steep slope on your property (no fall zone needed on the downside of the hill, as this is now a deck and not a play element (though kids will probably play on it).

The height of this Garden Watch Tower can be tailored to meet your needs! It can even be built around a tree (but also see our Tree Decks). The Preschool Watchtower is made with beefier posts.

Please note that this photograph shows the Watch Tower without a fall zone, which in most circumstances would be required (see above).

NOTE That , as with all wood products, some shrinkage (which will cause boards to separate from one another), checking, and cracking may appear as the wood dries out. This will not affect the structural integrity of the product, but does provide an excellent learning opportunity for the children. You can help them understand what happens to wood after it is no longer being fed by the tree that grew it.

You are encouraged to sand any rough spots whenever they appear, and retreat them with child friendly preservative (sold in our store) at least twice a year.

Although it is not necessary, some people like to fill cracks in wood with exterior wood putty followed by sanding and treating.

Please specify height required.

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