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Sand Play Cover Net 25 ft x 50 ft (with stakes)

Sand Play Cover Net 25 ft x 50 ft (with stakes)
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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
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Our Sand Play Cover Net is the absolute best thing we ever came up with.

Every time we visit a childcare center, we see these big blue tarps being used as sand play covers. First of all, they're heavy, bulky, awkward, and extremely difficult to handle. Secondly, if it rains and water collects on them, you can't even move them, never mind trying to fold them up and store them somewhere!

The result? Nobody ever uses them. Licensing people say you have to cover the sand, but because tarps are impossible to use, the only time you get them out is when you know your licensing person is going to be dropping by.

Up till now, there has been no good solution that's easy to use, doesn't collect water, keeps cats out, keeps leaves out, is lightweight, and folds up into nothing.

But with these inexpensive and very lightweight cat nets, your days of strain and frustration are over! You can put this on and take this off every day with no effort, and the whole net folds up into a bundle about 15” around and 3’ long weighing ~6 pounds!!!!

These are meant to cover your entire sand play area. They can be stretched up and over play features, and are held in place with the stakes provided.

If you have a sand play wider than 25’, because they are easy to cut, you can cut it shorter than the 50’, and use the remainder to cover the rest of your width of sand, or they’re so cheap, you can just buy 2. If you need to cut some off, save it to replace the other if it gets torn or something.

These are not custom cut to exactly fit an organically-shaped sand play, but it doesn't matter because you can cut these to any size you need!

We can also cut it for you...