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Retainer Kits for freeform Sand Play and other areas, and for Embankment Climbing Walls

Retainer Kits for freeform Sand Play and other areas, and for Embankment Climbing Walls
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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: non-toxic
Age Appropriateness: all ages
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We developed an inexpensive retainer system for a number of applications. The child-friendly pressure treated 6x6 timbers have a special cut in each end that allows the joint to be articulated in any direction, and then pinned in place with rebar.

If you want retainers around free form garden, mulched area, sand or other play areas, our retainer system allows you to create any shape because each 4’ or 6’ long section comes with a pivot joint at each end. Figure out the total linear footage, divide by 4, and order that many Single 4’ or 6’ Retainers. You can buy these by the piece.

Retainer Kits for Embankment Climbing Walls: At the bottom of Embankment Climbing Walls, playground safety regulations require a fall zone. We have used sand, woodchips, and engineered wood fiber for the fall zone material, all three of which need to be contained within a specific minimum size and shape, and need to be able to retain the fall zone material so it doesn’t migrate.

The best technique for using these retainers around free form areas, is to “draw” the free form on the ground using marking paint, then lay your retainers on that line, and pin them in place with 1/2”x2’ rebar.

THEN excavate your hole to whatever depth, leaving a 6-12” “shelf” of undisturbed earth inside the retainers. Clean out the hole to the right depth, then break off that shelf back to the inside edge of the retainers, then clean out the hole one final time.

This technique leaves the ground under the retainers SOLID so they don’t move.

You can also add this Retainer Kit to your embankment climbing wall order to make the whole installation as easy as it can be!

We also offer retainer stumps. These are typically ~12” diameter x 24” long, and are best if set on a 12” deep x 12” wide earth shelf around the outside perimeter of your sand play area. They would then stick out of the ground 12”, and the sand on the inside would also come up 12 “ on the stump. We also recommend making the sand at least 24”, but preferably 36” deep so children can dig deep and not run into dirt (which you do not want mixing with the sand!).

We can debark these stumps and treat them with child-friendly treatment to make them last longer.

We also make Retainer Kits for Slides (please see that section in this store). For the slide fall zone retainer kit, the shapes for the slide fall zones need to be very specific to meet the minimum ASTM and CPSC safety codes for slides of various heights. You can purchase this kit for toddler slides, for slides up to 7’, and for slides 8’.

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