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Slab Bridge

Slab Bridge
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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness:
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This Slab Bridge is the PERfect playground element, even if you don’t have “water” to go over.

First of all, it’s made from a real log cut lengthwise (we can make it any length you need), so it may not be completely straight, which means it will have character.

Second, it’s narrow enough to provide a challenge. We can make it from a large diameter tree, so it could be 15”-18” wide, or from a smaller diameter tree of 12” or so, depending on the challenge you want to present to your kids.

We’d suggest narrower for the older kids, wider for younger.

Now -- as to what you’re going over! We could give you log feet for both ends, so the bridge is just going between two points -- like a balance beam. Or, you could put a log foot under one end, the other end on the ground, so it’s a sloped challenge.

Or, you may have two mounds of earth, and this slab could span between them and be off the ground that’s between the mounds.

So the possibilities are endless.

The other neat feature about this Slab Playground Bridge, is that it shows what the inside of a tree looks like. Because it’s cut “with” the grain of the tree, the growth rings will appear as lines running the whole length of the Slab Bridge. The distance between each line is the amount of wood added in that year!

This is definitely an affordable and worthwhile play and learning element that will make a perfect addition to your playground!